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100 Magjar Nöta Ungarische Lieder
This work is a collection of sheet music for 100 Hungarian songs and includes the text in the original Hungarian with translations in German and English. Desiderius Demény is listed as the composer. Elisabeth Lockwood and Adalbert Heidelberg…

A Bouquet of Hungarian Songs
A Bouquet of Hungarian Songs is a selection of Hungarian folk music compiled into a book of musical scores. The collection is 20 pages long with 16 traditional songs from various artists, including the sheet music as well as English, Hungarian, and…

Ungarische Volkslieder: Das Lied der Volker
Books of German// Hungarian folk songs featuring 44 songs, their notation, and translations into both German and Hungarian. Remarks on each song are featured at the bottom of the page.

Gyöngyvirág 92 Magyar Népdal
A book containing 92 Hungarian songs (with musical notation and lyrics)

Hungarian Songs, Az Én Nótáim
A book containing sheet music for Hungarian songs written by various artists.

Jaj, de Szépen Muzsikálnak (Hungarian) <br /><br />
[Hey, they are beautiful musicians]
énekhangra, zongorakîséttel (Hungarian)
[singing, with piano]

Gypsy Memories
The song book, Gypsy Memories, is compiled with songs as played by Harry Horlick and his A&P Gypsies. Born in Kiev, Russia Horlick was a violinist who performed in various venues until he was drafted into the Russian army during WWI. When he was…
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