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This LP was published by the American record label Fiesta Record Company, located in New York City, and the music itself was recorded in Europe. Fiesta was started in 1952 by José Morand, a Latin American band leader. While Fiesta started by only…

An eight track record with music from a specific gypsy band. Described as "moody...sentimental, mournful, passionate..."

When "A Vén Cigany" Hungarian Gypsy Melodies came out in 1975, it was in the midst of a time of change within and around the…

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble was formed in 1951 by Gypsy players from various cafes and restaurants around the county, primarily from Budapest (Hooker). On this record composers such as Liszt and Brahms are found along with traditional tunes.…


Vinyl record of music by Joszy and His Orchestra. There are 15 songs total. Seven songs on Side A and eight songs on Side B.

Side A:
Rare Grows The Wheat
A Maiden Cries At Ake Balaton
You Are My Man
Little Picket Fence

Black record with a yellow center label noting the songs on each side and the musicians who performed them. The LP is in a paper and plastic casing, and its outer sleeve which is shiny and colorful depicts a warm and happy scene of mostly women in…

Side 1: medleys and dance tunes from Eastern European weddings and celebrations

Gypsy violin music by American Hungarian-Slovak Gypsies

Three records included in the vinyl, two of which are identical, by Sándor and His Gypsy Orchestra. Sándor Lakatos (1924-1994) was the violinist and leader of the orchestra. They began by primarily playing in Budapest restaurants, performing at a…

A vinyl recording of the Rayko Orchestra performing various popular songs, sung by Katalin Urbán and directed by József Lendvai-Csósci. The Rayko, or Rajko, Orchestra, was founded in 1952 by Ivo Csampai and was directed by Pal Szigeti from 1950 to…

Live performance by Gipsy Stringz at the Gypsy Cafe.
Contemporary Roma Folk, Roma Quartet, self-described "Gypsy" Music

A 1977 LP of various Hungarian Folk compositions by József Dóczy interpreted by several musicians and vocalists. As Benjamin Rajeczky writes in his 1960 article Old and New Singing Styles in Hungarian Folk Song from the Journal of the International…

Gypsy Strings

Steve Piskor

Steve Piskor

Jacquelynn Gaines

George Batyi

Chris Rose

Billy Rose

Linda and James Ziga

Jerry Grcevich performing with Kathy and Angela White

Kathy Abromeit
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